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Translation from the German original as printed in weekly Demokratischer Widerstand #DW156 and spread over Europe. The Text has partly been translated automatically.

Von Anselm Lenz

She was the shining scion of a political dynasty. The Albrechts were involved in the most serious scandals in Lower Saxony for decades. But she wanted to do better, studied medicine according to official records and reportedly gave birth to seven children. But then she became involved in professional politics - and went off the rails.

The controversial long-term Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU, term of office 2005 to 2021) elevated her to the office of EU Commission President: Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen (née Albrecht), born in Belgium in 1958, had previously appointed Merkel as Defense Minister by surprise. Her time in office as FRG minister ended with an arms scandal: Von der Leyen had concluded shady arms deals by text message and thus shifted billions of taxpayers' money in a landlady-like manner. One of the typical CDU-CSU corruption scandals since the founding of the Union parties as a "vessel" of the Allies for conservatives and defeated fascists, who were now firmly pressed into the later US-led NATO corset. Hardly worth mentioning?

Despite the scandals, von der Leyen broke through the sound barrier like a starfighter jet. As a friend of Merkel with a good knowledge of French, the then Defence Minister escaped the investigations in the FRG - and into the highest office of the European Union. However, the nomination was met with fierce criticism and rejection across all parties in Germany, with not only the Social Democrats voting against von der Leyen, but also the Left, Greens, AfD, Free Voters, Die Partei, the Animal Welfare Party, ÖDP, Volt Deutschland and Pirates party. Criticism also came from the CSU and FDP," it correctly states, even on Wikipedia, an unreliable platform for political affairs.

Sorry for von der Leyen

Why do we Germans now have to apologize for this person? We didn't elect her, nobody elected her. Her career is based on the protection of her dynasty and the arms lobby, Merkel, the pharmaceutical industry and the thicket of the "EU of corporations" controlled from Washington (quote from Sahra Wagenknecht). So what can we Germans do about it? - Well, we didn't manage to prevent von der Leyen. Have we German democrats failed again? Should we have warned our friends and fellow human beings in Europe even more clearly about von der Leyen? In any case, the overall context brings back memories of other German politicians whom we also did not elect in the majority, who had dubious supporters from transatlantic big business and who had an inglorious impact on Europe and the whole world.

"Thank you for leadership, Bill!" With this stupidly casual sentence, the head of the EU apparatus von der Leyen submitted to the US oligarch and PC pensioner William Gates in April 2020. Gates and other circles from Washington and Brussels had just unleashed the Covid lie. In Germany and around 70 other countries around the world, the deadliest virus epidemic of all time was announced, accompanied by the posed "pictures we have seen" (quote from German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, SPD) - Bergamo. An excessive torment of the people began with curfews, lockdowns, destroyed livelihoods, child torture, perverse testing, segregation, denunciation and suppressed demonstrations by opposition democrats, which began as early as March 28, 2020 on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin and radiated throughout the world for freedom and truth.

The very same Leyen-specialist, Bill Gates, was also allowed to announce on German state television's main news program, the "Tagessschau", that the breach of the constitution would apply until seven of the approximately eight billion people living on the entire planet had been "vaccinated". This newspaper first appeared on April 17, 2020 and since then has been the first professional medium worldwide to expose all the lies of the Covid complex and has repeatedly warned fellow human beings with facts and educational journalism: "WE HAVE BEEN systematically BELIEVED and slandered, beaten, harmed and killed by the government and the corporate press!" (Front page #DW91 from May 28, 2022)

What we have been able to prove more and more consistently in 156 issues of this weekly newspaper: The corona lie is not about protecting the health of us all against a virus, not about ecology and environmental protection in the humanistic sense, not about philanthropy, not about democracy and the rule of law, not even about higher goals and not even about a socialist or even communist world revolution from above (whether that would be desirable or not, please, better not). It is about increasing the rule of big capitalists over all our lives, right down to our bodies. According to the European EMA authority, the delusional MRNA injections and "boosters" have resulted in at least 20,000 direct deaths, and the number of unreported cases is thought to be many times higher.

DW is coming to Europe!

Hundreds of thousands complain of severe and most severe injection side effects (there can hardly be any talk of a "vaccination" against a virus that is not fatal, see page 3 of every DW issue, #DW1 to #DW156). And hundreds of millions of people have been literally mutilated with the gene-modifying substances of various corporations from Astra to Zeneneca, from Pfizer to Johnson. The greatest experts in the field, such as former Pfizer board member, doctor and pharmaceutical dropout Michael Yeadon, professors like John Ioannidis and Sucharit Bhakdi, the EU investigator of fake epidemics, the doctor and hero of the German resistance Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and many thousands of other genuine experts research, clarify and are published in DW for the general public - and distributed by distributors, placed in large numbers in letterboxes, displayed in companies, sold in kiosks and circulated among friends and acquaintances.

This issue is also being distributed in the wider European environment. Because Germany says "Sorry for vonder Leyen". No other professional politician promoted the crimes of the Covid lie and injection genocide so vehemently, no other politician sided so submissively with the US oligarch Gates, who used his network to whip up the injections and the associated surveillance technology - along with several thousand others. But then the "leak!" (Cf. from #DW5 from May 16, 2020). A secret "panic paper" from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior reveals the lie with the aim of harassing children and also inciting them to denounce their parents, and to terrify everyone.

Sorry, Pardon, Oprostite, Scusateci!

Similar secret instructions from other countries will be uncovered later. - And why all this? Well, the Americans are broke and the dollar is finished (see #DW1 to #DW156). Power and big money want to shore up their record of horror with fascist measures and establish a new age to their liking. Democracy and enlightenment (and many people) only get in the way, which is why the journalists of this newspaper were (and in some cases still are) subjected to censorship, persecution, ostracism and torture. Making this newspaper means living in daily fear of the regime. (And yet we still try to laugh a little every day, to enjoy our families, friends, colleagues and fellow campaigners and to achieve five positive and constructive goals with our large movement since March 28, 2020, see p. 2).Oh my, Europe! If, after the so-called "Brexit", the completion of the UK's withdrawal from the EU at the turn of the year 2019 to 2020, the aim was ever to somehow contribute to the preservation of peace with all the madness since then, it must unfortunately be said that this has been done at a high, very high, cost of war: Von der Leyen played a leading role and, as the person with the highest political responsibility, was involved in the Covid lie coup, as well as in the deeply corrupt purchase of the fatal injection materials - as in the armaments deal by text message -, in the endless and unsuccessful armament of Ukraine, which is being exposed to death and destruction as the puppet of a supposed EU unification war and, most recently, in the insane fuelling of the Middle East conflict.

Quite a few Germans refer to von der Leyen as the "devil incarnate" in the depths of the internet commentary columns. A more worldly and measured analysis of the career of a professional politician can be read in DW. Anyone who has such a deeply sad life's work to show for their career as Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) will perhaps go down in history. But not on the side of the good guys or at least those who strive to do good.

We are already saying on behalf of our compatriot that we are sorry and that we did not want this: "Germany says sorry for von der Leyen." As the responsible, genuine democrats that we are, must we quickly dismiss von der Leyen and bring her to justice in a civilized manner? Will our friends in France, Greece, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and 2o other EU countries be at our side if we prefer to solve the biggest crimes of politicians from German countries ourselves this time, before others have to do it for us again?

Anselm Lenz has been a journalist and publicist for over two decades. He was a permanent state theater dramaturge at the at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, organized the Capitalism Tribunal in Vienna in four languages with his group of authors "Haus Bartleby", was nominated for the Nestroy Prize, was a permanent domestic editor of the daily newspaper junge Welt, a permanent freelancer for the daily newspaper Taz, journalist and author for Die Welt and others, published books with Passagen Verlag Vienna, Edition Nautilus Hamburg and is now founder and editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand as well as editor, translator and director of the book publishing house Sodenkamp& Lenz Berlin. From mid-March 2020 he published the website NichtOhneUns.de and on March 28, 2020 he was the founder of the new nationwide freedom, peace, democracy and constitution movement (see www.nichtohneuns.de).

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